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Female Ejaculation

Sex and Romance Talk

Gawaine Caldwater Ross

Today’s topic is female ejaculation. It first came to the attention of anatomists and physiologists in the 1940. It came to public attention in the early 1980’s. Gynecologists quickly denied it existed, and experimentation on live women would have been unethical. According to the very fine book “Eve’s Secrets,” written by Josephine Lowndes Sevely( Random House). She says that the clitoris is a much larger organ than we’re used to thinking of. Dense nerve networks from the clitoris descend from the labia and into the vagina. In which there is a gland that has had various names, she labels it the para-urethral sponge. I brought this to the attention of my anatomy professor, and he said, “What’s that?” I explained to him and the class that this is where women ejaculate from.  I told him and the class that I know the ejaculate is real because several times my lovers have squirted in my face and that it is not urine. The flavor is that of mild pussy juice. It tastes better than anything in the world. I directed him to squirtqueen.com which deeply impressed him.

The paraurethral sponge surrounds a woman’s urethra. To get at it, use two fingers and go just past the pubic bone.  Hook your fingers around the bone and stimulate as much as necessary. Not every woman can do it at first. It is accompanied by an urge to piss. Let it go. A woman can’t urinate when sexually aroused any more than a man can. If the fingers don’t work, try a dildo that is curved at the end. You might need one that is curved and has settings for different speeds of vibration.

Once women learn how to do this, they can get wild about it. The ejaculate is alkaline, which dries the vagina. Women need to take breaks, or use a water based lube. The volume of the ejaculate can be amazing, as is its spraying distance – 6 feet in some cases.

Gynecologists and anatomists still deny that this paraurethral sponge exists. Ignore them and just try it.


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My chief interest in life is romance, as in falling in love, what makes people fall in, or out, of love, the dynamics of couples or threesomes or foursomes, romantic literature, writing, the arts, and sex. Political meetings make my eyes glaze over. Please don't ever mistake me for a liberal - I'm a radical. I've traveled all over the world on a shoestring budget and worked as a nurse for 9 years.


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